This section will provide you with articles and examples on writing bad news in the form of memos, e-mails and letters. We have also created a section about word choice when writing bad news.

  • The link below will bring you to a text on how to write bad news messages:

Writing Bad News Messages

  • Book Suggestion:

Strategic Business Letters and E-mail


This excellent resource has as its foundation the fact that businesses stand to lose billions of dollars because of the poor business writing generated within their offices. In a handsomely laid-out format, the author “walks you through” her program for making sure you and yours write business letters (which here include letters, faxes, e-mail messages, and memos) that help put your best business foot forward. Her program encompasses a six-step process, from basic groundwork to proofreading; her approachable style and common sense are evident in her list of 10 reasons letters fail to do the job as well as her specific information on credit-card collection and placing orders. This is a book that is not only easy to comprehend but also easy to adapt to one’s own business needs. It is advisable to purchase one copy to circulate and a second copy for librarians’ immediate reference use. 

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