Announcing Bad News to Employees

  • A better way to deliver bad news


In an ideal world, a subordinate would accept critical feedback from a manager with an open mind. But things do not always turn out that way. By changing the mind-set with which they develop and deliver negative feedback, managers can increase their odds of having productive conversations without damaging relationships. Two behavioural phenomena are described that color the feedback process – the fundamental attribution error and the false consensus effect. Managers tend to frame difficult situations and decisions in a way that is narrow and binary. And during the feedback discussion, managers’ framing of the issues often remains frozen. This article advises managers not to just settle on the first acceptable explanation for a behavior or situation they have witnesses. Delivering more effective feedback requires an open-minded approach, one that will convince employees that the process is fair and that the boss is ready for an honest conversation.

For the article, please follow the link below:

A Better Way to Deliver Bad news


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