Delivering bad news to customers is never an easy task. We have gathered articles and examples for you to better understand how to handle those situations.

  • Delivering Bad News: Putting a positive spin on unpleasantness is a valuable skill
Abstract (Summary)
Deliver the bad news with a positive spin. Instead of saying “no” (a negative word to avoid) say, “Our first available appointment is on Friday. Would you prefer morning or afternoon?” Your client may still say this is unacceptable. If so, you might ask, “Is there a cell phone or pager that I could reach you at in case we have a cancellation?” Or, “If you approve overtime we can have a technician at your home after 8 p.m. tonight/tomorrow night.”

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Delivering Bad News

  • How to Deliver Bad News to Your Customer

This article by Dave Stein, expert in competitive selling strategies and tactics, will provide you with a plan to follow when you need to deliver bad news.  The author is also the president of the Stein Advantage, Inc. sales consultancy.

Delivering Bad News to Customers


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