To find out the best ways to deliver bad news, there is no better place than this blog. You want to know quickly how to deliver one, this website is equipped with the 10 most important Key Points you will need. If you’re looking for a more detailed and graphic explanation, this blog has a Power Point section where you can watch the information you need in delivering bad news.

A section for delivering bad news to customers was added with explanations and an example for the businessman who has the tough tasks to announce it. If you are a boss and have bad news to announce, there is a section on delivering bad news to employees that will be useful to you. It also offers an example to make it easy for you.

To make it the best tool available on the topic, the creator of this website added a section on writing bad news. It is useful for writing memos, emails or letters. It’s with no surprise that this website is linked with the best in the business. In the links section, you are only a click away to one of the best book on the subject, Crisis: Deliver Bad News, Manage Tough Situations, Limit the Damage by Ros Jay, which is offered on You are also connected to the best of the best E-Newsletter on the matter available. The blog that ranks second on the top list is also linked there under Dave Stein’s Blog. For more audio, the site is linked to a podcast in which executive coach and communication consultant John Baldoni gives his best advices on delivering bad news.

A site of this scale has the obligation to present its sources. This is done in the references section.


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